Keto fat bomb recipe, a good fat source on keto diet

Today I will recommend a new thing I found. A keto fat bomb recipe which is easy to make and tasted great.

I have for quite some time now been on the keto diet and have tried to loose weight with it. So far in my 4 months on the keto diet I have succeeded to loose around 60 pounds which is very good for me. The main way to eat according to the keto diet is to eat a lot of fat and very little carbohydrates. However it can sometimes be hard to get enough fat when eating so then you need to find an alternative source for fat.

fat bomb recipe
fat bomb recipe


One of the main ways to eat more fat is the simply make some fat bombs or keto fat bombs which they also are called. The fatbombs are a good way to get that extra boost of fat in your daily diet. Keto fat bombs can also be good to have when you have friends over to watch some television or you want to offer them a snack together with some coffee or tea.

Fat bomb Recipe

Fat bombs can be made in many ways and out on the Internet there are many different fat bomb recipes. If you make a search on google you will directly find a couple of different recipes. Some are good and some are not so good. I have already tried out some fat bomb recipes and I must say that the best one I have found is quite simple to make. You just put together some butter, chocolate and some unsweetened coconut. You can find the recipe for those fat bombs by clicking the link.

There are also many other ways to make good and health fat bombs. One way is to make them from coconut oil which you also can find a recipe for at the previous site. I have tried to make both of the recipes and both are really good but the best one is the simple one with only butter and chocolate and a little coconut.

To find out more on how to make the best keto fat bombs check out the detailed keto fat bomb recipes at

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